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Understanding the Importance of ES-1 and GT-1 Testing on Edge Metal and Drainage Components

When hurricanes make landfall, their destructive effects can be widespread. From the coastal communities that typically take the brunt of the storms to communities much further inland, insurers in the United States found these storms caused more than $121 billion of property damage over a four-year period through 2021, and that number is likely to climb moving forward. 

The Atlantic hurricane season may have kicked off June 1, but it’s not too late to ensure homes and businesses can overcome Mother Nature’s onslaught. A building’s first defense against weather events starts with the roof, meaning adequate edge terminations are critical for the performance and protection of the roof in adverse conditions. Rigorously tested in extreme environments, ANSI/SPRI ES-1- and GT-1-certified edge metal components have been proven to bolster the roofing assembly and resist damage during many high-wind events. 

EXCEPTIONAL® Metals takes great pride in manufacturing products that make an impact on roofing application longevity and performance. This helps building owners and roofing professionals make confident, sound decisions. In this blog, we look at how ES-1- and GT-1-tested metal edge components provide value when it matters most.

The Hurricane Blowback 

Single-ply membrane is the most used commercial roofing system for low-slope applications. While single-ply membranes are an excellent roofing product, their long-term performance is dependent on adequate metal edge termination.

High-wind events like hurricanes, tornadoes or thunderstorms can cause membrane failure when inadequate terminations are used. When metal edge terminations are compromised, wind is able to penetrate under the membrane which can expose critical elements of your roofing system. When the roofing system is exposed, buildings can experience catastrophic damage.

The good news is, quality edge metal components rated for high-wind applications can lessen the potential of catastrophic loss during a powerful weather event. The EXCEPTIONAL Metals team proudly manufactures an extensive lineup of ANSI/SPRI-tested metal edge products for an array of applications, designed to help protect roofing systems against the elements.

What Are Edge Metal Products?

Edge metal products are essential components that secure single-ply roofing membranes to the roof edge, helping resist wind uplift.

Edge Components 

These termination products extend down from the top of the roof’s edge, safeguarding the system from elemental onslaughts. Additionally, they create an aesthetically pleasing transition from the roof to the wall. 

Gutter Systems

Like metal edge components, the gutter systems help secure the single-ply membrane to the roof structure, contributing to the resistance of blow-offs from high winds while also helping to channel precipitation to designated areas. As a result, rooftop drainage is improved while ponding around the building’s foundation is minimized.

Carefully Tested, Peace of Mind

To ensure optimal performance in extreme weather, certain edge metal products are rated per ANSI/SPRI ES-1 or GT-1 standards. Developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Single-Ply Roofing Industry (SPRI), these standards verify that critical edge and drainage components will provide an expected level of wind-resistant performance in real-world use.

ES-1 standard testing defines a formula which determines roof edge design pressure and describes three specific test protocols that are applied to copings and horizontal roof edges. GT-1 standard testing measures horizontal and vertical wind load as well as water, ice and snow load.

Why Use ES-1- And GT-1-Rated Edge Metal? 

Put simply, ANSI/SPRI ES-1 and GT-1 standards answer critical wind and load resistance questions. With a standardized rating system in place, building owners, designers, fabricators and installers know where to turn. 

If you need help finding ES-1- and GT-1-rated metal edge components for your application, please reach out to the EXCEPTIONAL Metals team. With years of experience, our experts can offer no-nonsense, hassle-free guidance. 

Your ANSI/SPRI-Rated Edge Metal Product Partner 

EXCEPTIONAL Metals supplies a variety of ANSI/SPRI GT-1-compliant gutters and ES-1-compliant edge components manufactured from domestic, high-strength metal in various colors and finishes. This makes them perfect for many applications, including commercial spaces, warehouses and industrial buildings, schools, offices, medical facilities and more. 

Whether you’re an interested property owner, architect or a contractor specializing in installation and upkeep, we’re available to help you better understand the benefits of ANSI/SPRI-compliant metal products for nearly any roofing assembly.  Contact us today to learn more about our edge metal solutions and how they can protect your project.