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EXCEPTIONAL Estimating with NuQuote

By: Nicole Sanford, Team Lead, EXCEPTIONAL Metals

EXCEPTIONAL® Metals recently partnered with NuQuote to bring easy edge metal estimating solutions to contractors. NuQuote is a web-based quoting tool that can be accessed on a computer, tablet, cell phone, or any other handheld device. Developed with the capability of customization, users can draw a model of their custom edge detail and NuQuote will transfer the drawing into a 3D rendering of the product. Additionally, the software gives users the option to send the product information, rendered image and generated quote to the EXCEPTIONAL Metals’ Estimating team for review and assistance if needed. 

NuQuote is so much more than a custom-estimating tool though! Through our partnership, popular EXCEPTIONAL Metals’ standard products and pricing has been set up on the platform as well. Managed by the EXCEPTIONAL Metals’ team, this information allows for quick, accurate estimating and quoting when bidding on projects and putting proposals together. Finally, NuQuote allows for simplified estimating with the capability to combine both custom drawings and standard details into one quote for the customer. 

With technology playing a key role in our daily lives, having the capability to manage projects at your fingertips and quickly produce accurate quotes is essential to the growth of your business. To learn more about NuQuote and how you can get signed up to start estimating your EXCEPTIONAL edge details, contact the EXCEPTIONAL Metals’ team at 800-248-0280.